Kalpany means fantasy in Sinhalese language. After a trip to Sri Lanka, Domenico Galeotti, contemporary art lover, chose this name to create in Milan a platform dedicated to the promotion of contemporary creativity of last generation.

In 2008 the creation of Kalpany Artspace Milano in Tortona Area, a space that becomes in a short time, a landmark in the city. A reality that attracts a large audience: artists, art lovers, connoisseurs but also newbies intrigued by heterogeneous proposals of exhibitions and events.

Not just a gallery, but an art space intended as a real laboratory where create, produce and exhibit works and projects with a plan that, from the beginning, has been distinguished for originality, continuity and its international breath.

In 2011, the Artspace moved to a renovated location at the Frigoriferi Milanesi area sited in Via Piranesi, a reality that wants to create a place of encounter and exchange devoted to art and culture.